Dying Dad Meets His Newborn Baby Girl Just Before Passing Away

Imagine this: You find out you’re pregnant with a baby girl, the greatest gift you could ever have, but that wonderful feeling of motherhood slips away when you remember something horrible… Your husband has only days to live.

Diane Aulger didn’t have to imagine this — she lived it.

However, her story does have some heartwarming closure. Diane’s husband Mark was sick and bedridden when she became pregnant.
After overcoming stage 3 colon cancer, he was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis, a scarring of the lungs that stops the flow of oxygen to the brain and other vital organs.

Becky Moran had a similar battle with colon cancer, her last dying wish was to meet her grandson, and like Mark, her wish came true.

She expected that by the time she gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Savannah, Mark would be gone. She thought she’d be welcoming one new life while mourning the loss of another.

Then she realized she didn’t have to let this happen. If she made one tough choice, Mark would be able to see his baby girl.

Diane’s decision was controversial to some, but it’s clear that she has absolutely no regrets.

Watch the video below to see how Diane was able to give her husband and daughter this unforgettable moment.

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