Are Your Legs Swollen? You Can Throw Out The Excess Water Of Your Body Only By Consuming These Foods

legs swollen

Warm weather, a job that requires prolonged sitting or poor diet can surely contribute to the feeling of bloating and heaviness in the arms, legs and joints. These are all signs of water retention. The causes of water retention can be found in many habits or omissions in your diet.Also potential causes can be hormonal imbalance during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, menopause and PMS in women, or excessive intake of salt, sugar and fat, and physical inactivity in men.

Here’s the best way you can help yourself and solve this unpleasant feeling of heaviness in the limbs and bloated stomach that makes you constantly feel sluggish and tired.

Food with diuretic effect
The best natural diuretics are considered large amounts of green tea, cranberry juice (a glass of 2 ounces per day), vinegar (two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in a glass of water – three times a day), fruits and vegetables rich in water (watermelon, cucumber, lettuce that help detoxify), asparagus (rich in asparagine, alkaloid that improves kidney function), coconut water (maintained electrolyte balance), and foods rich in vitamins A and C (tomatoes) and sulfur (radish, onion, horseradish).

Potassium reserves
One of the biggest problems in the human diet is the introduction of high levels of sodium, which makes it difficult eliminating toxins and not enough potassium, which it promotes.

Foods rich in potassium, which help release the excessive amounts of fluid and at the same time protect the blood vessels from oxidative damage are bananas, strawberries, apricots, tomatoes, beetroot leaves, prunes, yogurt and papaya. However, if you have serious kidney problems, too much potassium, especially if you are taking the supplements, may lead to muscle pain and irregular heartbeat.

Teas of diuretic herbs
Diuretic herbs have antioxidant, antiviral and antiseptic effect. The plant “bear grapes” also known as Uvin tea stimulates urination, and it helps in the cleaning and disinfection of the urinary tract. Normally it is used in combination with other medicinal plants, such as birch leaf or root of the licorice, because it contains a lot of tannic acid, which may be difficult to your stomach.

Parsleyand dandelion tea are very effective in the detoxification processes, while, according to some specialist on this matter, the best plant is “Tribulus Terrestris”, which is considered the best natural remedy for the problems with the bladder and the kidneys.

And here’s how you can still affect the water retention

Reduce the intake of salt, sugar and fat
Sodium acts as a trap for the fluid in the tissues, so avoid products full of preservatives and salt, such as canned food, sausages, pates, salads in pots, bologna.

Take care of your body and move
Every day we go some of the way the technique of fast walking or have completed a series of exercises at home for 30 minutes. This will stimulate the lymph and “wake up” your sleeping metabolism.

Regularly hydrate
Drink six to eight glasses of water a day because, if you are hydrated, your body will hold less liquid. Also, consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables will reimburse the loss of important nutrients.

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