Your Breakfast Will Never Be The Same Again With This… The Best Secret Ever!

Are you bored with taking the same meal for breakfast always? If that’s the case, here is a recipe that will make you long to get out of bed every morning to have breakfast.
Within this video, YoYoMax12 whose one of our favorites YouTubers is demonstrating how eggs and ham breakfast cups should be made. Putting cheese, an egg, some toast and the ham within one bundle is so creative and fun!
To do this, one begins by cutting off the bread’s crust and then the bread is rolled as thin as probable. The bread cups are then cooked at 375 degrees until they turn golden brown in color which takes approximately 5 – 7 minutes.
A thin slice of cheese and deli ham is then added along the bread cup’s sides. Then, an egg is broken and added into every cup. The egg cups are then baked for 14 to 18 minutes at 375 degrees until the egg whites are just set but their moist appearance should not be lost. At this point, breakfast is ready to be served!
This is a delicacy I’m going to give a try over the weekend. It’s quite easy to prepare and the end result is lip-smacking!
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