She Flipped A Table Up Side Down.What She Ended Up With is Beyond Adorable!

From Trash To Treasure. . .This Upcycling Project Is The CUTEST!
I saw this post online and my mind immediately rushed to the old table I have in my shed! I looove a good upcycling project and this is a good one. Upcycling, for those of you who may not be familiar with the term, is when you re-imagine and repurpose an otherwise unwanted object.
For this upcycling project, you’ll just need an old table, some paint. . .and a precious little fur-baby. (This will all make sense later, trust me!)
If you want to see how it’s done in a little more detail, you can watch the video below. :)
1. Gather up an old end table.
2. Drill 4 holes along the outside corners and screw in 4 bun feet.
3. Flip the table over and paint the whole thing. If you like, you can add a piece of plywood, too. (This will make sense when you see the finished product!)
4. Paint some fun accent colors.
5. And last but not least, add a comfy pillow or cushion, and top with an adorable pup!

How precious is that? You can barely recognize the table now, and boy does this sweet pup look happy!

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