I Really Don’t Know: 13 Struggles Indecisive Women Face On The Reg

There are a bunch of words I often use when I’m asked to describe myself: fearless, ambitious, independent, down-to-earth, genuine.
Of course, those are all characteristics I’m proud of, and they’re the ones that first come to mind, as they’re strengths.
When I’m challenged to call out my weaknesses, though, one thing is for certain: I’m indecisive. There are many aspects of my life in which I know what I want.
A successful editorial career, a family of my own and a beautiful beachside home are just a few.
But, I’ve come to accept there are things I may never have answers for. It’s just not in my nature.
We, indecisive ladies, can only be outspoken and passionate about so many things, and the 13 below just don’t make the cut:

1. We don’t know what we want to eat. Like, ever.

I can go from craving carrot cake, to a burrito, to freaking Fruit Loops in a matter of 30 seconds. Please, for sh*t’s sake, don’t instigate this torture by asking what I want to eat.
God forbid you’re waiting for us to order, too; we aren’t made for that kind of pressure.

2. On the rare occasion we do know, it’s the same damn thing.

At the same damn place. Every. Damn. Time. You still can’t stop me from ordering an Aloha Wrap on wheat with no cheese from Surf Taco. (Jersey proud!)

3. We can spend hours debating whether to work out or not.

I bought five new bikinis in hopes they would help get rid of this problem. It hasn’t worked yet.

4. We can also spend hours debating whether to go out or not.

“I don’t want to get dressed, but I have that cute new top.”
“I’m tired, though.”
“Maybe I should sleep.”
“I’ll sleep when I’m dead!”
“Ugh, I’ll be the only one not there if I don’t go.”
“Do I really give a f*ck?”
“Fine, I’ll go. Maybe.”

5. If we do go out, we are never the ones to decide where.

The only thing that helps answer this question is if one place is charging a cover and the other isn’t. ‘Cause I’m a cheap ass. (Just trying to pay off my loans!)

6. And we don’t know what we want to drink.

“Beer! Or, wait. Yeah, beer. But, then I can’t have vodka.”
Beer before liquor, never been sicker.
Is that even true?” (Yes, it is.)
“Are there any specials? I’ll have the special.” (‘Cause I’m a cheap ass, remember?)
“Maybe that guy will buy me a drink. I’ll just have whatever he’s having.”

7. Or what to wear.

I say “I hate my clothes” at least three times a week. Choosing an outfit may be the most stressful part of going somewhere, especially when you apparently don’t like anything you own.

8. Have you seen us shopping?

No bueno. We’ll spend three hours in a store and leave empty-handed because “nothing fits” or “nothing looks good.” Thirty minutes later, we wish we just bought the damn thing.

9. We can’t decide what’s worth buying.

I’m not just talking about clothes here. I’m talking about pizza, a trip to the nail salon, a vacation, a new car, a pet fish and tickets to that concert. The list is endless. We’re constantly torn between what we need and what we want.

10. Getting your hair colored and cut is fun, they said.

Forget it. I’ll browse through hundreds of pictures of different hair colors and styles on Pinterest only to wind up leaving the salon just about the same way I went in.
Don’t get us wrong; we long for a drastic and fresh new looks. But, what if we don’t like it?

11. Should I “like” that?

The conversations we have about whether or not to “like” something on social media is actually amusing.
“He looks hot. Should I like his picture? I don’t want to give him the wrong idea, though.” What wrong idea? That you think he looks hot? I’m sure he’d hate that.

12. If we’re given a “maybe” option, we’ll take it.

If that drives you nuts, don’t provide that option.

13. We often try to make everyone happy.


When it comes down to it, the root of our indecisiveness sometimes comes from wanting to please everyone.
We don’t want the first say and we certainly don’t want the last, so we choose to be indifferent.
Source: elitedaily.com
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