All It Takes Is 3 Lightbulbs And Some Sandpaper To Make A Refreshing Cup Of Joe

People will go to great lengths for a delicious cup of coffee. From your typical methods like cold brewing or French pressing, to more intense dedication like drinking coffee made of elephant poop, there are seemingly endless ways to get a good cup of joe.
YouTuber Rulof Maker might have found the most difficult, but also awesome, method for brewing coffee. Using a few old lightbulbs, he created a vacuum-powered coffee machine that's mesmerizing to watch. Check out his neat invention below.

(source Rulof Maker)
This DIY project is so cool, but you'll need some serious skills to make it yourself. Even though I don't plan on crafting a vacuum lightbulb coffee maker at home, I'll admit I watched that coffee brew five times in a row! The power of science is pretty amazing.

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