A Particular Point On The Finger: Immediately Relieves Pressure And Eliminates Any Pain!

If you don’t feel good, and not just bad, but you feel terrible, press this point and hold it for at least 1 minute. It immediately reduces high pressure, and normalizes other issues as well.
It helps to regain consciousness, and stops dizziness.
This treatment is used in military medicine. They make use of different treatments, everything is done immediately: fast pain alleviation, fast recovery and the patient is soon on his feet. My neighbor, a retired army officer, he showed me this point:

The point is located on the middle finger of the left and the same finger of the right hand. It is necessary to press it, for example with a pen, and kept thus long, so as shown in the figure, for 1 minute. It is incredibly painful! 


But after this time, the pain goes away, as well as other pains, which disappear gradually, (in my case, the pain in the spine), it acts as a blockade.
“So” – he said, “if you feel really bad, always press that point. It immediately reduces the pressure, removes the pain and normalizes other things. ”
Of course, this is not advice or instruction for treating hypertension or other diseases, but it is first aid in emergency cases, when you do not have drugs with you or if you they do not work, for you to get rid of the current health problem.

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