A camera showed this mother what her husband did alone with their son. Do you think she liked what she saw?

Emio is 30 years old, lives in Kansas City (USA) and works the nightshift often. Since his wife Stephanie works during the day, Emio remains at home alone with his 21-month-old son Xavier. Instead of constantly telling his wife what he did with his son, he’d rather show it. So Emio thought of the idea to make a video of a day spent with his son. What Emio never expected, however, was the reaction the video would unleash. Now the whole world knows what kind of a father Emio is and the video has become a Youtube hit. Watch for yourself:

It is simply wonderful that the world posesses such loving fathers like Emio. Share this beautiful video of a father that doesn't just play with his son, but actually cleans up afterwards.
"My father was a big child that was given to me while I was still little." - Alexander Dumas (French author)

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