90 Year Old Tortoise Gets Around With His New Prosthetic “Legs”

When an unfortunate event of rats decided to eat the front legs of a hibernating 90-year-old tortoise named Mrs. T in Pembrook, Wales, its owner, Jude Ryder, feared nothing but the worst for her pet turtle. A £1,000 vet bill did little to improve the situation. Ryder’s mechanical engineer of son Dale, 37, glued wheels from a model aircraft onto the tortoise’s shell, making her as agile like she’s never dreamed. Dale had received Mrs. T as a gift when he was 8 and she was already in her 60s
“It was like fitting her with a turbo charger – she’s going double the speed she used to,” said Ryder. “Mrs T is still quite young for a tortoise. She could go on for another 50 years – all she needs is a new set of tires every now and again.”

Rat attacks on tortoises are not uncommon. Britain’s oldest tortoise, 130 year-old Thomas, died from a rat bite in 2013. I guess sleeping turtles are the only way rats can put up a “fair” fight. Regardless, Mrs. T seems to be doing just fine with her new set of wheels! (see video below)


(h/t: boredpandatelegraph)
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