Who Knew That Fish Crave Tactile Comfort?

Many living creatures seem to love expressions of physical affection.  People enjoy the beauty of fish. Their gorgeous colors are so pleasing and watching them in beautiful tropical tanks is often really tranquilizing to watch.
Roland Giroux and his family have such a fish tank, in which they have their beautiful favorite orange fish, that they say is the most special fish they have ever owned.  When they come home from work, this Blood Parrot Cichlid creates a big splash to say hello and get Roland’s attention.  What does he want?
He wants Roland’s hand in the tank so that he can be petted!  It was amazing to watch this fish mesmerized by the soothing massage.   They have this lovely routine every day.  Who knew that a fish needs tactile comfort too?  All creatures on this earth want to be loved.  Watch and enjoy!

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Source: www.sun-gazing.com
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