They Call Her ‘Piggy’ When She Walks By. When She Turns Around, He Freaks Out

    There are certain men in the world who feel it’s completely normal and in their right to verbally harass and catcall women on the street. However, in this video, a certain twist has been set up… and their reactions are even worse than you’d expect.

You see, the women walking past these guys aren’t just random strangers – it’s actually the man’s own MOTHER. Sports equipment company Everlast is making a stand against harassment and they’ve set up these interactions to prove a point – every woman who gets catcalled is someone’s wife, daughter, mother or sister. If any men saw someone they cared about getting harassed, they’d be upset. So this video aims to highlight the hypocrisy of the same guys doing it to other women.

Make sure to watch the video to see the men’s horrified reactions when they see their mothers turn around! Let us know what you thought of this video in the comments on Facebook.

Credits - upmoments
If you’re against harassment against women and men, please share this video and spread the word.

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