These Cheerleaders Did Something During A Game That Brought Everyone To Tears. This Is Amazing.

Sports fans aren’t known for their sympathy for their opposing teams, so what happened at a recent game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the New England Patriots was surprising to say the least. During the third quarter, everyone stopped paying attention to the game on the field when Bengal’s defensive lineman Devon Still was given an emotional tribute by none other than the Patriots.
Still’s 4 year old daughter Leah is fighting cancer since being diagnosed this summer.

During a timeout, the Patriots played a music video tribute to kids fighting cancer. While it was playing, the Patriots’ cheerleaders decided to trade their traditional outfits… 

…for Still’s number 75 Bengals jersey. The Patriots also made a $25,000 donation to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Leah’s name. 

 Still, not surprisingly, was moved to tears. He was wearing his own tribute to his daughter, a nasal strip that read “Leah Strong”.

Source: 22words
Still’s brave little girl is currently recovering from a tumor removal surgery, and will hopefully make a full recovery.
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