Shocking: Newborn Baby With Eight Limbs Worshipped As ‘Hindu God’ In Indian we

It was just recently when we posted about a baby girl born with an elephant-like face in India being worshipped as the incarnation of Hindu God Ganesha. But another story went viral online after a baby was born with eight limbs in a small town of Dumri-Isri, India. Devotees are celebrating to the birth of the baby boy they thought as an incarnation of the same Hindu God.
Thousand religious believers have come to see the newborn and worship him as a Hindu God.
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The baby boy with four arms and four legs is yet to be named. The child’s features is clearly a form of birth defect from undeveloped twins, probably a conjoined twins.
The child was born in Jharkhand, India, on April 18, 2015, his arrival turned the sleepy and quiet town of Dumri-Isri into a festive pilgrimage destination.
Sarita Devi, a nurse said, “We are taking great care of the baby.” But the condition of the mother, Ureda Khatun, is unknown.
Worshipers who swarm the little town Dumri-Isri rejoiced and believed that the child is an incarnation of Ganesha. The most iconic and widely-worshipped deities in the Hindu religion in which it embodies as an elephant with four arms.
Kuntalesh Pandey travelled 72 miles from Hazaribagh to get a glimpse of the boy. He said, “When a friend first sent me a picture I wrote it off as photoshopped but when he confirmed that it is real I came to see the baby straight away.”
But the newborn baby was not the first to be born with multiple limbs in India. In November 2014, a baby with the same deformities was born in the city of Baruipar.
A relative said: “When he first came out we couldn’t believe it.
“The nurses said he was badly deformed but I could see that this was a sign from God. She added, “In fact, this is a miracle, it’s God’s baby.”
Doctors insisted that it’s a clear birth deformities from underdeveloped twins while in the womb.

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