Girl Silently Walks Around NYC For 10 Hours To Show You This

Damn! Hey baby! What's up beautiful?

This and a whole bunch of other sexist stuff is yelled at women everyday on the street. Women are told to "smile" or "say thank you" for the unwanted compliments.

Street harassment is so rooted, that some people don't even see it as a problem anymore. While it can be hard to relate if you're not a woman or have never faced catcalling in your life, here's definite proof of the outrageous act caught on tape.

For 10 hours this girl walked the streets of New York without saying a word. Here's what happened: 

The video was shot by Rob Bliss for the Hollaback! movement against street harassment. According to the creators, in 10 hours the girl experienced over 100 cases of verbal street harassment. Excluding the winks and whistles.

Head to the Hollaback! website to learn more and help fight against street harassment.

(H/T: Mic)

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