A Mother Hands Her Kid To A Stranger, What Happens Next? Touching!

I am pretty sure that there are good people around the world. At times, you have find yourself in a tough situation and a stranger pops up and saves you the trouble. You even wonder why he or she has to be so kind to you. In this video, we’re meeting a similar case. You will see compassionate people who saved a child’s life.

As a parent, it is very painful to see your child suffer, and yet you cannot offer any help to your children. When I started watching this clip, I could not help but hold my breath each time. The most disturbing circumstance in this video comes when a child is chocking. Luckily, strangers come to save the kid’s life. The child is rushed into the store where a tattooed stranger teams up with other strangers to save the kids life. These strangers take turns when performing the CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on the kid.

Eventually, these strangers save the kid’s life. It’s touching to see how people of different class and skin color can work in togetherness. These are good people around the world, and we need to recognize them.

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source: www.splentale.com
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