Our advancements in technology have been growing exponentially! Technology is so engrained in our every day lives; it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without it.
Our technological creations are capable of immense connection; when we can merge ideas of nature and technology then we can have a harmonization.
Imagine that connection “Facebook” attempts to create as a globally interconnected web of electromagnetic pulses from our hearts?! Instead of asking how your friends are over a keyboard – you tap into them and feel what they feel.
Sound crazy?
We all decide what is and what isn’t possible – wether we know it or not!

1) Bio Technology

Bionic Hands controlled by your brain!


If you had a severe injury, this option seems close to perfect! Having a life-like fully operating hand that can delicately pick things up is amazing!
These bionic hands are completely controlled from your very brain and there is no surgery involved. These living skin hands are a costly $50,000 – is that a small price to pay for a fully functioning new hand?

2) Future Architecture

Revolving Tower in Dubai

It’s no secret Dubai is known for it’s intricately crafted architecture and land.
This incredible tower is not only beautiful – but it constantly moves! Who ever heard of that?! While that might sound unsafe it actually comes from built in wind turbines that create energy! Over time, there will be enough energy manufactured to power the tower itself and a few buildings around it!
It’s made up of 59 separate units or floors that rotate at around 6 meters per minute which is unnoticeable. Would you ever want to live in a place like this? Your view outside is constantly shifting!

3) Computer Capacity

Remember only 10 years ago – what kind of computer you used? Did you have a cellphone yet? Data storage is becoming bigger and bigger while the technology itself is getting so much smaller!
Look at the size of Macbook Mini’s! How can such a slim device be able to preform so well, for so long? Cell phones have slimed down so much, fax machines, pagers, of all that is obsolete.
What do you think technology is going to be like in even 5 – 10 years? Do you think there is technology is that isn’t available to the public?   Try to see it from all the angles.

4) Transportation

Alright, let’s be real here. There are a lot of designs for cars that run on completely clean fuel that is widely available and completely harmless. The usage of gas is propelled mostly because of money and the entire industry.
tesla motors_model s
Designs for cars like this – The Tesla are a step in the right direction. They still aren’t widely available for just anyone to afford it though.
We need to design our own methods of transportation that ultimately transcend cars and buses and even roads at all.
When will ideas of teleportation be integrated into our reality?! When we allow it in.

5) Communication

ESP-Psychics-Explained-Telepathic-Communication-Spiritual-Power-Gifts-God-or-Satan-Telepathy-Orgin-The_BibleOur level of communication has dropped immensely after the explosion of the internet, phones and computers.
While these technologies are amazing and have the potential to connect us further – they are being misused. What if we combined our consciousness with technology and the physical need for phones, computers or anything disappears!
How is this possible?
Well ultimately everything ever exists – every concept, everything.
So when we fractal it down to the 3D, the idea is completely possible.
The manifestation of these ‘unreal’ technology lies in-between the artist and the engineer.
In the middle of the logical, technological vision and the heart of understanding is infinite creation.

source: thespiritscience.net
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