Sorry Monsanto: Organic Food Smashed Records Last Year With Over $35 Billion In Sales

In recent months, we have been reporting on the shift that is occurring in mainstream food markets, with junk-food falling out of favor, and consumers seeking more health-conscious alternatives.
Last week, it was reported that organic food market Whole Foods surpassed its quarterly earning projections, pulling in a record $4.67 billion in revenue. While it is true that Whole Foods is a bit overpriced, which may inflate the numbers, the organic food industry overall has been experiencing rapid growth across the board.
Several months ago it was reported that organic food sales in the United States had risen to over $35 billion per year. This number is expected to climb as interest in organic food continues to grow exponentially.
“The U.S. organic market is experiencing strong expansion, with organic food and farming continuing to gain in popularity. Consumers are making the correlation between what we eat and our health, and that knowledge is spurring heightened consumer interest in organic products,” said Laura Batcha, executive director and CEO of Organic Trade Association (OTA) said in a statement.
“The entire organic industry needs to rally around helping consumers better understand and appreciate all the values that certified organic brings to the table. Consumer education is critical to grow the organic industry,” she added.
Recently, we reported that junk-soda giant Coca-Cola is facing major financial challenges as sales steadily decline. McDonalds has also been struggling, and has even been forced to shut down entirely in some countries.
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