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This Footage Reveals Body Of Weird Dead Dragon Found On Remote Island


A massive online debate has been sparked by some video footage featuring the body of what appears to be a mythical dragon that had washed up to shore. Supposedly recorded from the coast o a remote island in the Amazon, the video displays the tail, legs, claws and head of the beast and it can’t be said it’s not convincing…
Of course this is highly believed to be a fake, some online users even commenting how the front legs would have evolved into the wings by this point, but that would make it a wyvern and not a dragon which makes the argument pretty moot. Keeping in mind we’re fairly certain this thing isn’t real, but whoever did put it together deserves some real credit for the build and the following act.

Thanks to a large influx of people enjoying the Fantasy genre (thank Game of Thrones for that one) the interest in all things mythical has risen, so releasing a video claiming to have discovered something this big and nothing else was a top notch move. Just wait, in a couple weeks we’ll see some art form take credit for the performance – now just to speculate on which one or who it is…

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