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When you hear what this incredible dog did to save his life, you’ll never look at your pet the same way again.


Meet Vincent. He's a seven-year-old Dachshund from Houston, Texas. In many ways, he is just like any other dog: He loves to run around, eat and be pet. But eight months ago, you would have barely recognized Vincent when he was discovered by the animal rescue group K-9 Rescue at his deceased owner's home:
Skinny Vinnie of K-9 Angels Rescue Houston
Weighing in it at a hefty 38 lbs, Vincent was practically immobile due to his gargantuan size. He was not just fat; he was morbidly obese with 62.7% body fat. On top of that, he also suffered from high cholesterol, back problems and difficulty walking. The odds were stacked against him that he would ever be able to get down to a healthy weight and resume a normal life. 
Skinny Vinnie of K-9 Angels Rescue Houston
Thankfully, the K-9 Angels Rescue and Vincent's foster owner, Melissa Anderson, took Vincent under their wing and helped him get on a diet and exercise program. At the outset, the new regime was a challenge for Vincent, who was huffing and puffing most of the time, but Vincent was determined and kept a cheerful demeanor throughout. He started off with a swimming routine that was meant to be easy on his ailing joints and worked his way up to taking five to six one-hour walks every week along the streets in his neighborhood.  
Skinny Vinnie of K-9 Rescue Houston
Now Vincent is a changed dog. He has gone from a blubbery 38 lbs down to a slim 17 lbs. Now you could even call him Skinny Vinnie! He has way more energy than ever before and enjoys life more fully than he could have before. After his weight loss, Vincent is finally able to take part in the simple pleasures of canine life, such as playing fetch or going to the park for walks. 
Skinny Vinnie of K-9 Angels Rescue Houston
Vincent reminds us that there are hundreds of dogs across the country in similar situations - either because they were mistreated by their owners or suffer from malnourishment as a result of being abandoned. We can all do our part to help dogs like Vincent by supporting local animal rescue organizations or providing a nurturing home to an abandoned dog in need. Share this story of hope to raise awareness!
Skinny Vinnie of K-9 Angels Rescue Houston
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