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This Weird Mask Will Surely Make You Hilariously Horrifying This Coming Halloween


If you’re one of those people that’s ever thought about what life would be like if you became a member of the opposite sex for a day… well this isn’t exactly what you were thinking about but it’s definitely along those lines. Meet the Vaginal Face Mask designed and created by Melissa Coulter, a disturbing and hilarious piece of art that’s sure to give any child nightmares this year!
Now, I understand that for some people the point of Halloween is to dress as minimally as slutty as humanly possible, but this just takes things up to a whole other level. The most incredible part about it is that the silicone based mask sold on Etsy for $480 as well as a whole slew of positive reviews on both the craftsmanship and comfortability, the latter of which is something I personally wouldn’t have expected.
Regardless of how disgusted this vajayjay mask makes you as a person, remember that the whole point of Halloween is to be able to dress up however you want. If you want to be a professional wrestler, go with Randy Savage or Hulk Hogan or any one of them; if you want to be a super-stripper from outer space then order your own mask today, it’s that simple. Though, this is definitely something I could see becoming more popular in the BDSM circles than solely a Halloween themed disguise.

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