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The men rushed into the garden to help the dying dog. Then something unexpected happened.


The pictures are really hard to look at. They are of a dog suffering from severe injuries in a garden in India. It seems like she doesn't have one ounce of energy left in her. She has a weary and feeble look about her and  her body is faint and still. There is a gash on her head; where it came from and how the dog got to be in this situation is unclear.
Youtube/ Animal Aid UnliAlle Kategorienmited, India
She is so fortunate to be discovered and rescued by volunteers from the Animal Aid Unlimited organization in India. When the men draw closer to her, she hardly flinches. 
Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
Without any resistance, she lets the men take her immediately to the vet to be treated. It is not until she gets there, that they realize the severity of her wounds and suffering. The poor dog, who is given the name, 'Happy', is really shaken up. Blood is still streaming out from the her head, and the vets immediately have to administer medication and tend to her wounds. 
Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
It takes a while for Happy to get back onto all fours. The vets and helpers from the animal aid organization fear that she will suffer permanent brain damage and may not be able to recover at all because her condition did not seem to change after two weeks. 
Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
It is only after a full week has passed that things start to take a turn for the better. Happy slowly stands back up on her feet. It's almost as if something magical happened. She suddenly gained back her strength that she had lost and her condition just got drastically better and better.
Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
Happy is now running around again, as if nothing had happened. She plays with the other dogs who get taken in at the aid organization and enjoys having her tummy stroked. 
Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
 It is safe to say that it is all thanks to the dedication and patience of the animal protection volunteers who luckily go around rescuing animals from their death. Without this outside help, Happy most certainly would not have made it.
Youtube/ Animal Aid Unlimited, India
It is touching to see how lovingly the helpers look after and treat the animals and how well Happy seems to be in their company. Here you can watch a video all about Happy's rescue story:
This will touch your heart, when you see how the helpers make a difference. It all seemed to be a lost cause with Happy, but then she was able to start a whole new life again.