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To avoid drowning he slaps the water 3 times. The result? Unbelievable!


It doesn't happen every day: almost drowning. But if you are such a situation, this trick could literally save your life. Either because you fall into the water yourself, or if you want to stop someone from drowning in the ocean who needs a life preserver. The best part of the truck is: it works immediately and anywhere and all you need are the pants you are wearing.
1. Take your pants off before jumping into the water. If it is already too late and someone is already floundering in the water, stay calm and take your pants off. The important thing is that the pants are completely drenched in water.

YouTube/This Blew My Mind
2. Then you tie together the legs with a double knot. Flip the pants over so that the knot rests on the back of your neck.

YouTube/This Blew My Mind
3. If the fly is facing up, you should twist it so that it points down. Otherwise air can escape. Don't forget to zip it up either!

YouTube/This Blew My Mind
4. Now, the only thing thats left is to slap the water with your palm. The air is forced into the pants, and pumps it up into a makeshift life preserver.
Because the pants are wet, the air cannot escape so quickly.

YouTube/This Blew My Mind
5. If you bend your legs and adjust your weight, you can float around in the ocean for some time. If necessary you can also pump more air inside.

YouTube/This Blew My Mind
6. This life preserve from completely normal pants. Crazy, right?

YouTube/This Blew My Mind
Here you can see the whole trick in action:

It may seem like a hopeless situation, but this clever idea solves it and gives you a fighting chance. I still don't understand how this trick functions and how the air gets into the pants. But I'm still totally fascinated out of ignorance.
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