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She draws eyebrows under her eyes. But when she’s done? My jaw dropped!


Halloween is coming up and that means everyone is looking for ideas to give their friends a proper fright. And if you manage to do something creative, it'll definitely be memorable. To be honest, homemade costumes or ideas are the scariest, not that boring store-bought stuff! For this creepy look, all you need is some makeup and you'll create something that will make kids go wide-eyed!
First, redraw your eyebrows with some eye shadow. A second pair of eyes comes next. Try to copy her as closely as possible!

YouTube/ dope2111
Then comes the eye contours. This is best done with makeup: some concealer and a little rouge. You can slowly start to see how impressive the effect will be in the end!

YouTube/ dope2111
Two white points for the pupils to imitate the reflection in your eyes, making the "eyes" look that much more alive.

YouTube/ dope2111
Now the fake eyelashes on the cheeks and a second nose on the real one. On the chin, paint a copy of your mouth as realistically as possible. 
Now the optical effect is complete: and sure to unleash quite the confusion!

YouTube/ dope2111
Done! I think I'd lose it if I saw this in the streets at night! You'll definitely be a hit on Halloween with this costume.

YouTube/ dope2111

Here is the video for more instructions:

You hardly know where you're supposed to look because the whole effect is pretty hypnotizing. SHARE this creepy, yet somehow pretty, idea and provide for some serious creeps for everyone you know!