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Drowned in tears, the mother holds her internally decapitated baby in her hands. 6 hours later something happens that no one thought was possible.


Rylea Taylor from Melbourne, Australia is driving on the highway. Her most valuable treasures are sitting in the backseat: her 9-year-old daughter Shane and the 16-month-old Jackson. She shoots her children a smile through the rearview mirror. The next moment she collides at 70 mph with an 18-year-old's car.

Facebook/Rylea Taylor
Mother and daughter are left unharmed. But baby Jackson hangs lifeless in his child seat. "The second I pulled Jackson out of the car I felt that his neck was broken," remembers mother Rylea tearfully. The impact severed the 1-year-old's head from his neck - he was quasi internally decapitated! Through some miracle, the boy survived and was flown to a hospital in Melbourne.

7 News Melbourne
Surgeon Dr. Geoff Askin had never seen such a bad case: "

7 News Melbourne
Jackson now has to wear a special steel construction for the next 8 weeks, that holds his head in place so that the vertebra can grow back together. But, apart from that, the little wild child is chipper and is waddling energetically around the hospital! 
Mom Rylea and dad Andrew still cry when they think about how lucky their little son was considering the circumstances: "We are so unbelievably thankful. It's a complete miracle!"

7 News Melbourne

7 News Melbourne

What an unbelievable story: the little Jackson Taylor's head was severed from his neck - and he survived it unharmed! When this 1-year-old, watched over by more than one guardian angle, also impressed you so much, then SHARE this story with everyone that you know.