Because of this trend, girls are having part of their upper lip cut out and then sewn back together


Full, luscious lips are considered a beauty ideal in some parts of the world and it's not uncommon for celebrities and stars to get a bit of help from a cosmetic surgeon to achieve it. But in some parts of Asia, there is a new beauty trend that is taking things in the opposite direction: lip reduction.

The procedure involves removing skin from the upper lip to make it appear thinner. This is also meant to make the "Cupid's bow" (the bow-shaped curve in the middle of the upper lip) stand out more. The operation is performed under a local anesthetic and takes around 15 to 30 minutes.
The stitches are removed a week after the surgery and when the swelling goes down, patients can enjoy their new smile.
It's interesting to see how a beauty ideal from one culture can be the exact opposite of one from another culture. But it's that kind of diversity that makes the world so much more interesting! What do you think of this new trend?
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